How do I create custom programs?

Custom programs allow you to create a custom billing schedule with customized invoice dates, notification dates, and late dates. A custom program only recurs for as many invoice dates as entered during the program setup. This type of program would be used for any recurring charge that is not monthly (i.e. weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly, bi-annually, etc) or for monthly programs with fixed start and end dates.

To create a custom program: 

  1.  Click “Programs” (under "Settings" on the left sidebar).
  2.  Click the “+” button to the right of an existing program header to create a new program.  
  3.  Type in the name, and then select “Custom” from the Type of charge drop-down menu.  
  4.  Click “+ Add New Date” to schedule an invoice for that date.  For custom invoices, you need to select every date you would like an invoice to be due. You can add as many dates as you need by clicking “+ Add New Date."  
  5.  Enter the number of days before the invoice date to send a notification and the number of days past the invoice date that the invoice will be considered late.  
  6.  Enter Cost per Invoice, and click “Save.”  
  7.  Select an account to map the program to a chart of accounts item. 

Please note: you can enroll a student in multiple custom programs, as long as the program settings (invoice dates, send dates and late dates) are the same. For example, you wouldn't want to enroll a student in two custom programs where one is set to have invoices due on the 1st of the month, and the second is set to have invoices due on the 5th of the month.

Once you have created one Custom Program, you can duplicate the program to easily create new programs with the same invoice schedule settings. 

To duplicate/copy a custom program: 

  1.  Click "Programs" (under "Settings" on the left sidebar). 
  2.  Click the down arrow to the far right of a program row to expand the section.  
  3.  Choose the program you would like to duplicate, then click the Copy button (two pages icon).  
  4.  You can update the program name and price per invoice by typing over the existing information.  
  5.  Click “Duplicate" to create the new program.