Getting Started Guide - Creating installment programs to generate invoices

You will learn how to (1) create installment programs and (2) enroll students in those programs.

After performing both of these steps, then your students’ families will automatically receive invoices per the schedules in your installment programs.


  1. Parent and student data has been imported into Curacubby.
  2. Payments have been enabled.

Key things to know

  1. Most tutorials are no longer than 2 minutes in length and are oriented around specific tasks.  Some tutorials are longer than 2 minutes, but they are oriented toward larger tasks such as creating sign-ups, etc.
  2. An “Installment” Program is the key mechanism to automatically send recurring invoices on a particular schedule, to the parents of students.
    1. Pro-tip:  Use only “custom” schedules.  Do not use monthly or monthly dynamic.
  3. Students must be enrolled in an “installment” Program so that their parents receive recurring “custom” invoices on a particular schedule.  Students must be enrolled in any Program to receive an ad hoc invoice.
  4. When you first enroll a student in a program, a “Queued” invoice will be generated for that student.  
    1. The “Queued” invoice is not visible to the parent.
    2. The status “Queued” will change to “Unpaid” when the invoice is sent on the “Notification Date”, as specified in the “Installment” Program.

Tutorials - How To Create An Installment Program and How To Enroll The Student In That Program

  1. Here is a article on how to create custom programs in Curacubby and how to duplicate them:
    1. I recommend clicking on the window that shows "Start" and doing the step through to get more familiar with this easy process.
    2. Pro-tip:  Scroll down to the section, “To duplicate/copy a custom program:” to learn how to duplicate/copy an “installment” Program.  This is useful when the schedule is the same BUT the pricing and the name of the program is different from the original.
  2. Here is the tutorial on how to enroll students in “installment” Programs:
  3. Please note:  Once the installment programs are created, the dates cannot be edited.  If you need to change any of the dates, you would need to create a new program and enroll the students in that new program.

Additional Tutorials

Tutorials - How To Create One Ad Hoc Invoice

  1. Do you need to create just one invoice for one or more students for a one-time charge, like a registration fee or a materials fee?  If yes, then:
    1. Enroll that student in an installment program:
  2. Finally, please create an ad hoc invoice for the one-time charge and send it out:
    1. IMPORTANT:  If you only save the invoice, it will show as Saved Temporarily.  This means that it was not sent out.  In order to send the invoice, you must choose Save and Send.

Tutorials - Need to add more parents and students one at a time?

  1. In Curacubby, one must create the parent first.  Then the student.