How do I add a new family?

How do I add a new family?

When creating a new family in Curacubby, add the parent first, then create the student.

To create a parent: 

  1.  Click “Parents" on the left sidebar
  2.  Click “New Parent"
  3.  Enter the parent information. The first name, last name, and email are required, all other fields are optional.
  4.  Click “Create User" to create the parent's account.

To create the student:

  1.  While in the parent's account, click the “Students” tab (to the right of the "Profile" tab)
  2.  Click “New Student" 
  3.  Enter the student’s information. The first name, last name, and birthdate are required, all other fields are optional. 
  4.  Click “Save" to create the student account.


1. The first step is to open Curacubby and click Parents


2. Click New Parent 


3. Type in First Name


4. Type in Last Name


5. Type in Mobile #


6. Type in Email


7. Scroll down to Address and type in Street Address


8. Type in City


9. Choose State


10. Type in Zip Code


11. Click Create User


12. Click the Students tab


13. Click New Student


14. Choose the student's Gender


15. Type in First name


16. Type in Last name


17. To enter in the birthdate, type in the birthdate in the following format:  mm/dd/yyyy.


18. Alternatively, you can use the calendar selector to select the student's birthdate.


19. Scroll down and click Save


20. That's it. You're done. 

Here's an interactive tutorial

To add a second parent account to the student you just created: 

  1.  Click the student's name. You will be redirected to the student's account.
  2.  Click the "Parents" tab. 
  3.  If the parent's account already exists, select the parent from the "Choose a parent" drop-down menu. 
  4.  Click "New Parent" and enter the parent's information if the account does not already exist. 
  5.  Click "Create User"


1. The first step is to open Curacubby and click Students


2. Type the student's name in Search:


3. Click on the Student's name


4. Click the Parents tab


5. Click New Parent


6. Type in First Name


7. Type in Last Name


8. Type in Mobile #


9. Type in Email


10. Click Create User


11. That's it. You're done.

Here's an interactive tutorial

Each user must have a unique email and phone number. If the parent does not have an email or shares their email with their spouse, but you would still like to create an account for them, you can use a placeholder email, such as "no-account+[parentname]" (ex: 

Once the parent account is created, the parent will be able to log into Curacubby (Curacubby does not send an invite to the parent to log in when their account is created). If you do not want a parent to have login access, you can add them as an additional contact with the "Parent (Limited Access)" role.