How do staff check-in or out?

Steps on how to set up check-in's and check-out's for school staff.

Staff members can check-in and out at the digital attendance kiosk using their phone number and PIN. The staff must have an account with their phone number listed in order to check-in and out. The staff member can set their own PIN in their account (if the member has log-in permissions), using the "Request a PIN" button on the kiosk, or you can set a PIN for them.

See this article for how to create a staff account.

How staff check-in/out:

  1. Scan the QR code with a cell phone by opening the camera app and hovering over the QR code.
  2. Click the link to open the kiosk in your browser
  3. “Check-In” or "Check Out" 
  4. Enter the last four digits of your phone number and your four-digit PIN
  5. Click “Check-in” or "Check-out"