Program Types & How to Create Programs

Program Types & How to Create Programs

Programs are pre-set billing schedules and prompt invoices to be automatically created and sent on a recurring basis. Once you have created programs, you can enroll students into the programs so that invoices are automatically generated for the student, based on the program settings. Students can be enrolled in multiple programs of the same type (monthly, custom, or monthly dynamic) but should not be enrolled in programs with different program types (monthly & custom) or different invoice date settings (two custom programs where the invoice or send dates differ).

Monthly Programs:

Monthly programs create an invoice for a fixed amount each month and recur indefinitely (until you cancel the student's enrollment). This type of program would be used for any charge billed on a monthly basis, such as monthly tuition. The invoices queue and send based on the dates set during your Curacubby onboarding. Click here for more details on monthly programs.


1. The first step is to open Curacubby and click  Programs 


2. Click New Program Group


3. Type in a high level category (e.g. "Tuition," "Tuition with Discount," etc)


4. Click Save


5. Click on the "+" button to add a service.  


6. Type in the name of the service (e.g. "4 days per week, 8am-12pm" or "Full Time")


7. Type in the recurring charge for the program


8. Click Save


9. To associate this program or service with a category for reporting purposes, please click Select an account 


10. Click Add New 


11. Click (click to rename) - new account xxxx.... to rename the category or account.


12. Type in Account Name


13. Click the gray area to save the account name.


14. Click Check Box to select this category name or account


15. That's it. You're done.

Here's an interactive tutorial

Custom Programs:

Custom programs allow you to create a custom billing schedule with customized invoice dates, notification dates, and late dates. A custom program only recurs for as many invoice dates as entered during the program setup. This type of program would be used for any recurring charge that is not monthly (i.e. weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly, bi-annually, etc) or for monthly programs with fixed start and end dates. Click here for more details on custom programs and how to copy existing custom programs.

Monthly Dynamic Programs:

Monthly Dynamic programs calculate billing based on the number of billable school days in a given month. This type of program best if the monthly amount due fluctuates based on the number of days or weeks in the month, i.e. you send monthly invoices based on a daily rate or weekly rate. The invoices queue and send on the same dates as the Monthly programs. Click here for more details on monthly dynamic programs. 

Discount Programs:

You can create a recurring credit or discount (for a sibling discount, financial aid, or assistance) by creating a discount program. The discount program can be any of the program types (monthly, custom, monthly dynamic). Click here for instructions on how to create discount programs.

You can update the cost of any program at any time.