Student statuses (basic)

Students have two statuses: Inactive and Enrolled. You can view and change students' statuses from the "Students" page. 

Inactive*Students will be Inactive when they are not currently enrolled. This status can apply to new students whom you haven't yet enrolled or students that no longer attend your program. When students are in the Inactive status, you cannot send them new invoices or check them in with Digital Attendance, but you can send them Reach Out messages. Parents of Inactive students can log into their parent portal to view and submit forms, pay existing unpaid invoices, and view their invoice history and ledger. 

* This status was previously "Matriculate" 


Enrolled. To change a student's status to Enrolled, click on the "Inactive" button, and enroll them in one or more programs. The student's status will change to Enrolled. 

You can change a student's status by clicking on the status button. This will prompt the Enrollment box, where you can view or edit the student's current enrollment, create a new enrollment, or cancel enrollment. Alternatively, you can edit or cancel an enrollment by hovering over the Settings gear, then clicking the Pencil icon to edit, or the X icon to cancel.\

You can filter your student's list by status using the multi-select filter. Click the "X" next to status to remove students with that status from your list. To add a status, click in the filter box, then select a status from the drop-down menu. This filter is persistent, meaning that if you refresh the page or log out and log back in, the previous filter will remain.