Adding a Billable Schedule to a Student's Profile

Time Based Billing allows you to bill families based off of their student's billable schedule. This article will walk you through adding a billable schedule to a student's profile

*Time Based Billing is a premium feature.
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Student Schedules

In order for families to be billed based on their attendance, students will need a billable schedule within their enrollment tab. 

Billable schedules are shown as a yellow box within the student's enrollment tab. These schedules contain a cost association based on a time increment:

You can add a billable schedule to a student's profile by:

1. Adding the billable schedule within the student's profile



2. Enrolling the student into a program that has an associated billable schedule

(once enrolling the student into the program, they will inherit the billable schedule)

TIP: To edit or delete a Billable Schedule, click on the schedule block.