Can a parent make a partial payment?

This article will help walk you through accommodating a parent request to make a partial payment on an invoice, or pay an invoice with multiple payment methods.


Click this link for a video walkthrough of accommodating partial or multiple payment method requests to an invoice or use the steps below: 


To accomodate a deferred or separate payment:

  1. Indicate a credit accounting category for deferred payment
    1. Click Miscellaneous under the Settings tab
    2. Under your Chart of Accounts, click "Add New"
    3. Re-name your accounting category to be easily identifiable within your accounting reports 
      example: Deferred Payments(v)

  2. Click on the parent account of the invoice you would like to accommodate a deferred payment for
  3. Edit the original invoice
    1. Hover over the gear icon and click the edit pencil
    2. Click add < credit line item
    3. Type a description
    4. Add the credit line item for the amount you would like to defer onto another invoice
    5. Associate the accounting category created in the previous step
    6. Click Save
  4. Create a new invoice for the deferred payment
    1. Under the parent's invoices tab, click new invoice
    2. Associate the student from which the original invoice was billed
    3. Select the date in which you would like the invoice to be paid
    4. Type a description
    5. Enter the amount of this deferred payment (this is the amount you credited on the original invoice)
    6. Associate the accounting category (ensure it is the same accounting category of the line item in  original invoice)
    7. Click save to review your changes, or Save and Send to send this invoice to families

    That's it! Parents will have two separate invoices to be paid under their parent account.