Can a person be both a parent and staff member?

Sometimes parents work as staff. Here's how to set up a user to be both.

Creating a New User

The best way to set up a user as both a parent & a staff member is to set them up as a parent first.

  1. Create a parent record in the parent section of Curacubby
  2. Create a staff record in the School Settings
    1. Navigate to Settings --> School --> Staff
    2. Click on "New Member"
    3. Type in the parent email and choose the email address of the parent you are adding as a staff member
    4. Add permissions as usual

Converting a Staff Member to a Parent

If a person is already a staff member, we need to do the following

  1. Edit the existing staff record
    1. Change the user's email address to a temporary placeholder email (i.e.
    2. Remove mobile number from the staff record
    3. Save the updated staff record
  2. Create the new parent account using the correct email address and mobile number for the parent
  3. Navigate back to the staff record that has the saved temporary placeholder email and enter the correct email address (you'll be able to select the email address and update the record

If you are creating a parent account from an existing staff record, make sure you change the email and remove mobile number from existing staff member's account BEFORE adding a parent record.  In addition, do not archive the staff account without changing the email or mobile number.  If you archive the record first, you'll be unable to use the same email address or mobile number on the parent account.