FST (Family Signup Tool) Dos and Don'ts

Instructions for using FST successfully


  • Always try to format the FST as close to the original form/application as possible
  • Always check your work through the "Preview" screen and using the FST url (live)
  • If the dropdown is required, the first selection must have a "-"
  • Use Grammarly to check spelling and punctuation.
  • Make the first parent signature or initials required


  • Once the content is created under a specified header, it cannot be moved under a different header
  • Always make sure the order in which you are entering information is correct
  • Do not make any text area "read-only" boxes required
  • Do not duplicate existing required parent or student information (ex. Parent name, email)
  • When adding a dropdown, do not add tag fields unless specifically requested
  • Do not add a "date" field when adding a signature. All signatures are automatically time stamped.