How do I copy an invoice?

You can copy an invoice to create a saved temporarily version of the invoice. This is useful if you need to add charges or change the charges on an invoice that is unpaid - copy the existing unpaid invoice to create a saved temporarily invoice, then edit and send the copied invoice. 

To copy an invoice:

  1.  Find the invoice you want to copy
  2.  Hover over the gear icon
  3.  Click the "Copy" button (two pages icon). This will create a new copy of the existing invoice in the Saved Temporarily status.
  4.  Make the desired changes (i.e changing the invoice date and late date, adding a line item for a new charge, adding a credit line item for a discount, etc) to the new Saved Temporarily invoice
  5.  Click "Save" or "Save and Send" 
  6.  To delete the existing invoice (the invoice you copied), hover over the gear icon of the original invoice and click "Cancel" or "Reverse"