How do I create discount programs?

You can create a recurring credit or discount (for a sibling discount, financial aid, or assistance) by creating a discount program. The discount program can be any of the program types (monthly, custom, monthly dynamic).

To create a discount program: 

  1.  Click “Programs” on the left sidebar. 
  2.  Click the down arrow to the far right of a program row to expand the section. 
  3.  Click “+” to create a new program.  
  4.  Enter the program name and the amount of the discount (remember to put a “-“ in front of the amount). 
  5.  Click “Save.”  
  6.  Select an account to map to a chart of accounts item with a “(v)” at the end (such as “Discounts (v)”). (The (v) indicates a discount in Curacubby). 

Please remember: students can be enrolled in multiple programs of the same type (monthly, custom, or monthly dynamic) but should not be enrolled in programs with different program types (monthly & custom) or different invoice date settings (two custom programs where the invoice or send dates differ). Therefore, please be sure to create a discount program that is the same as the non-discount program for the student. If the tuition program is a custom program, it would be best to copy the tuition program and update it with the discount title/amount.


1. The first step is to open Curacubby and click Programs


2. Click the Arrow to expand the section


3. Click the "+" to create a new program


4. Type the program Description 


5. Type the Discount (remember to put the "-" in front of the amount)


6. Click Save


7. Click Select an account and select an account with "(v)" at the end (such as "Discounts (v)") which signifies discounts in Curacubby.


8. That's it. You're done.


NOTE: Ensure that your discount programs have the same notification date, days before late, and invoice dates in order for the discount to be applied on the same invoice as non-discount programs!

Here's an interactive tutorial