How do I create monthly dynamic programs?

Monthly Dynamic programs calculate billing based on the number of billable school days in a given month. This type of program best if the monthly amount due fluctuates based on the number of days or weeks in the month, i.e. you send monthly invoices based on a daily rate or weekly rate. The invoices queue and send on the same dates as the Monthly programs.

To create a monthly dynamic program: 

  1.  Click “Programs” (under "Settings" on the left sidebar).
  2.  Click the “+” button to the right of an existing program header to create a new program.  
  3.  Enter the program name, and then select “Monthly Dynamic” from the Type of charge drop-down menu.  
  4.  Click on the checkboxes next to each day of the week for which to bill (for example, if you select Monday and Wednesday, the program will charge for each Monday and Wednesday during that month). 
  5.  Enter Cost per Day
  6.  (Optional) Type in a Cost per Minimal Day (this minimal day rate will be charged on days designated as minimal days in "School" -> "Schedule"). 
  7.  Click “Save.”  
  8.  Select an account to map the program to a chart of accounts item.