How do I create monthly programs?

Monthly programs create an invoice for a fixed amount each month and recur indefinitely (until you cancel the student's enrollment). This type of program would be used for any charge billed on a monthly basis, such as monthly tuition. The invoices queue and send based on the dates set during your Curacubby onboarding. If you need to change these dates, please contact us at

To create a monthly program:

  1.  Click “Programs” (under "Settings" on the left sidebar).  
  2.  Click “New Program Group” and enter a category (e.g. “Tuition,” “Tuition with Discount”) and click "Save."  
  3.  To add a program in the group you created, click on the “+” button, and enter the program name (e.g. “Full-Time” or “3 Days a Week”). 
  4.  Select the type of charge as "Monthly". 
  5.  Enter the cost per invoice (monthly cost).
  6.  Click "Save." 

To map a program to a specific account category for account reporting purposes, click "Select an Account" on the right side of the service box.  You can choose from some of the existing accounts by clicking the checkbox or you can create a new account by clicking "Add New." To rename the account, click "(click to rename)- new account 1234xxx," type the account name, then click on the gray area at the bottom of the account box to save the name, and click its checkbox to assign that service to your newly created account.