How do I edit program costs?

Sometimes you will have to change the price of an existing program. To do so, you can follow the steps below. 

How to edit program costs:

  1. Open Curacubby and click “Programs” under  Settings.
  2. Click on the dropdown arrow on the program header (i.e 2020-2021 Preschool Tuition)
  3. Click on the current price and type in the new price of the program that needs to be updated
  4. Click the checkmark to save.  

** Note: This will only change the price for future invoices, currently queued, unpaid, or. paid invoices will not change.  


1. The first step is to open Curacubby and click  Programs 


2. Click on the dropdown arrow on the program header


3. Click on the Current Price


4. Type in the new price


5. Click the Check Mark

Note: this will only change the price for future invoices. Currently queued invoices will not change.


6. That's it. You're done.

Here's an interactive tutorial