Handling a Request to Cancel an Enrichment Class That is Already Paid

This article will provide you with the steps in which to handle a parent request to cancel enrollment from a class that was already paid for.

Here is a video walkthrough of handling a parent request to cancel enrollment of an after school enrichment program: 


There are two steps in which you will need to complete: 

  1. Issue a Refund/Credit to the parent for the class they are requesting to cancel (if applicable) 
    Issuing a credit to the parent account will allow the parent to apply this credit to a future enrollment.

    To issue a credit:
    1. Find the student record for the student you are unenrolling
    2. Open the student’s “Parent” tab and select the primary parent (this will take you to the parent invoices)
    3. Click the button titled “Record Credit”
    4. Create an account credit equal to the amount of the enrichment program(s) that the parent is requesting to cancel 

      NOTE: If you would like to issue a refund of this amount to be placed back onto the parent's payment method, please submit a refund request HERE

2. Cancel the Student's Enrollment of the Enrichment Class
    1. Open the student’s record and access the “Enrollment” tab
    2. Unenroll the student from the class they are dropping
    3. If the student is dropping all classes, click “Cancel Enrollment” to cancel all active program enrollments
    4. If the student is only dropping one class, click “Change Enrollment” and uncheck the program they are dropping