How do I login?

This is a step-by-step for anyone that needs to login for the first time or wants to reset their password.

This article will walk you through how to log in for the first time. You can follow the written steps or click on the link below to view a video tutorial.

  1. Open Curacubby via your school's unique URL, [yourschool] (if you don't know your school's Curacubby URL, please contact your school directly).
  2. Click “Reset password”
  3. Enter the email that you provided your school then click “Reset Password.”
  4. Open your email account and click on the email from
  5. Click the “Reset my password” link to reset your password and log in.

If you do not receive the email from with the reset password link, please make sure you are entering the email provided to your school and check with your school to ensure that they have the correct email address. If you are still not receiving the email, please contact us at for technical support.


Here is a tutorial on how to log in: