How to manage late fees

You can set your school's late fee settings in the "Financials" page.

The late fee will be automatically applied to invoices based on the specified settings. Late fees can either be a dollar amount or percentage of the invoice total and will apply to both recurring and ad hoc invoices.

To set a late fee:

To update an existing late fee:

  1. Click "Financials" under the Settings tab
  2. Click on the "General" drop-down
  3. Click the pencil icon (edit) to the right of the late fee
  4. Make the changes needed (i.e changing the applied date, amount, etc)
  5. Click the Checkmark to save
  6. To delete a late fee, click the trash can icon (delete)

The changes will take effect on invoices created after the new settings were saved.


TIP: If you would like to remove a late fee associated with an unpaid or queued invoice, you may add a credit line item to reverse the fee.
Refer to this article in regards to waiving a late fee: