How do I remove a credit balance from an account?

If you issued a direct payment to a family or need to remove a credit altogether, follow these steps

Family has a credit and I refunded them using a check

If you paid a family back with a check or other funds and need to remove a credit that is showing up on their account, follow these steps:

NOTE: In order to create an invoice for a student, that student has to be currently enrolled in a program.  If they aren't currently enrolled, temporarily enroll the student in a program and then immediately cancel that invoice after  and then after fixing the invoice, immediately cancel that temporary enrollment to prevent any charges

  1. Make sure the student you are working with is currently enrolled in a program.  If they aren't temporarily enroll the student in a program (you'll cancel this enrollment right after issuing the invoice)
  2. Access the parent record from the parent overview page which will take you to invoices and click the "New Invoice" button at the top of the page
    Step 1
  3. Create an invoice equal to the amount of the refund issued (or credit being removed) for the student with a line item and account category that works with your billing
  4. Before saving the invoice, check the box in the bottom left corner that says "Apply available parent balance ($$$) to pay down invoice
    Step 2 Again
  5. Click "Save and Send" to publish the invoice
  6. The invoice will now show "Paid" and the parent balance will now show an amount that reflects the credit you changed
    Final Step
  7. If you added a temporary student enrollment to create the invoice, make sure to unenroll the student