Recording a Compliance Check

A parent can record a compliance check for their student from their parent portal, as well as view their student’s compliance history.

To create a check from the parent portal: 

  1. Log into your parent portal and click “Health Checker” under your student’s name.
  2. Slide a toggle ON to indicate that you preformed that check. You can select multiple checks if applicable. 
  3. Enter details in the Additional Info section, if applicable. For example, for a temperature check, you may enter your student’s temperature. 
    • For a “Text” check, you can enter any text, such as notes or details about an incident. 
    • For a “Number” check, you can enter a number.
    • For a “Yes/No” check (checkbox), to indicate “Yes,” click the checkbox. To indicate “No,” slide the toggle to ON but leave the checkbox unchecked.
    • For a “Date & Time” check, use the calendar selector to select a date and time. 
  4. Click “Submit” to submit. 

To view previously recorded checks: 

  1. Log into your parent portal and click “View More” under your student’s name. 
  2. Click the “History” tab. 
  3. You can see all checks, with the check group, date and time the check was recorded, and who recorded the check. 
  4. To filter by check group, use the drop down to select a specific check group. 

Here's an interactive tutorial