How to accommodate divorced parent profiles

In some cases, divorced parents will need separate profiles to pay two separate invoices. To help separate which account is associated with Mom and which account is associated with Dad, add "(M) or (D)" to the student accounts.

To accommodate please follow the steps below:

1. Identify the current profile situation:

    Does the student already have an account linked with both parents in Curacubby? If so, please unlink the student from one of the parents. Here are the steps to unlink the parent from the student:

  • Click on the student's "parents" tab. 

  • Click the delete (trashcan) icon next to the parent's name. 

  • Add (M) or (D) to the existing account based on which parent is still associated with the account.

If not, please create each parent profile and a separate student account. 

  • You will need an email and phone number to create a parent account

  • Create the student account and only link it to that parent account (Add (M) or (D) based on which parent the student account is associated with)

  • Create the second parent account and a second student account that is only linked with that parent (Add (M) or (D) based on which parent the student account is associated with)

2. Create tuition programs:

     Determine the desired tuition plan. If the student is already enrolled in a program, you will need to divide it by two and enroll both student accounts in the new program(s).

  • Create the tuition program based on the already enrolled program or the information provided by the school. If the TOTAL amount is provided, the amount for the program should be divided in half. This way the school will receive the full amount but Mom will be charged half and Dad will be charged the other half.

  • If a discount program is needed, follow the same steps as the tuition program set up.

3. Enroll each student in their appropriate program.

4. Make sure the following month's invoices queued correctly.