How to create an "Enrolled" classroom for Reach-Out

How to send messages through Reach Out to certain groups

Curacubby does not currently automatically tag students who are enrolled vs. non-enrolled. Schools that utilize the "Reach-Out" feature often want to send messages to only enrolled families. We can do this by creating an "Enrolled" classroom. First, we need to gather a list of students who are enrolled at the school. To do so please visit the "Simple Reports" page and create an "Enrolled students" simple report. Remember to utilize the "All available tags" option in the "Tags" section. Please select student first name, student last name, and enrolled programs. Once this report has been created please download the report via XLS. Then open the report to sort/filter for by enrolled programs. You can separate the non-enrolled vs enrolled by the "Enrolled programs" column. 

After you have an organized list of who is enrolled please create a classroom in Curacubby. 

  1. Log into Curacubby
  2. Click the "School" page
  3. Expand the 'Classroom" section
  4. Create an "Enrolled Students" classroom
  5. Add "Enrolled" as a tag
  6. Add students from the previously downloaded XLS sheet
  7. Click Save.