How do I create the same invoice for multiple students?

Curacubby gives you the ability to create an invoice and send it to one or more families.

Follow these simple steps to create an invoice for multiple students:

  1. Open Curacubby and click “Invoices”, then click “New Invoice.”  
  2. Click the “Select Students” dropdown box and choose or type in the student’s name.  
  3. Click their name to add them to the invoice.  You may add as many students as you need.  
  4. Click the “Invoice Date - Late Date” field, and choose your invoice and late dates.  Click “Apply.”  
  5. Type in your description, unit price, and you may also assign the account at this time.  To do so, click “Select an account” and click the check box next to the account.
  6. Add any additional line items, as many as you need.  
  7. Click “Save” and this will create the invoice for multiple students and save temporarily until you are ready to send them out.