Registering a second child to an existing family record

If your workflow is visible to existing parents (Published but not Hidden), your families can submit a new application through their parent portal :

Parents will be able to access a signup form directly through their parent portal this way:
  1. Log into Curacubby
  2. Click on the "New Signup" button (left navigation menu)
  3. Select the desired signup form
  4. Select a student or add a new student
  5. Complete and submit the signup

If your workflow is not visible to existing parents (Published and Hidden), you will need to send your families a link to the signup form

Sometimes you may have a signup form that is active but not visible to parents through the parent portal (Published & Hidden).  In this instance, you can send the parent a direct link to the workflow.  To get the link, simply:
  1. As an admin go to "Signup Tool" (left navigation menu)
  2. Click on "Settings"
  3. Choose the correct signup flow from your list of FSTs
  4. Click the button that says "Copy Link" and select the link for "Existing Families"
  5. Send that link to your parents to take them directly to the signup page

Signup form Copy Link