Roll call summary report

This report will provide school administrators with a detailed view of student schedules available by the hour with the option to filter by day. 

How do I generate this report?

  1.     Log into Curacubby
  2.     Click on the "Student Attendance" tab under the "Reports" section.
  3.     Click the "Select Report Type" drop-down and select "Roll Call Details"
  4.     Select Classrooms
  5.     View/Download Report

What is the difference between the Roll Call Report Summary and the Roll Call Details report?

The Roll Call Summary provides an overview of student schedules by week, displayed as AM and/or PM blocks. The Roll Call Details report will provide a more in-depth view per hour of the day. 

How often is this report updated?

    All Curacubby reports are updated in real-time. 

Can I change a student's schedule?

    You can change a student's schedule in their enrollment tab or by following the tutorial below: