School Handoff process (Invoicing after send date)

Sending an invoice after invoices have already gone out

Any time a student is enrolled after invoices for that month has already been sent, the system automatically queues an invoice for the next scheduled service dates.  The reason we do this is to ensure that the student is not missed in the next queued invoice and is added to the list for all future months.  If a student’s enrollment occurs after the invoices for that billing period have sent, that student WILL NOT receive an automatic invoice for that month.  A manual invoice will need to be scheduled.  

What you will want to do when a student is enrolled after invoices have already been sent (this may occur with future enrollments as well):

  1. Enter the parent and student information into the system (if it doesn’t already exist)
    1. Enroll the student into the correct program
    2. An invoice will get queued for the enrolled programs for the full amount for the next scheduled service dates
    3. The queued invoice will then remain in queue until the school’s next scheduled invoicing date arrives at which point it will be sent in the same batch
  2. The family will now be part of all future Queueing and Sending schedules
  3. Create a separate invoice for the family for the current month (pro-rating the amount owed according to school policies)
  4. Save and Send the one-time Ad Hoc invoice

Invoices are queued in the coming months according to service dates so you’ll want to leave the auto-generated invoice as “Queued” to make sure that the family gets their normal invoices on schedule.