Staff member passwords

Recovery of password for staff member

If you have created a staff member account or if a staff member is having difficulties logging in please create the generic temporary password (12345678$) in Curacubby and provide instructions on how to update the password once logged in successfully. 

Here is a walk through of setting a staff member's password:


NOTE- staff must have log-in access in order to log in. To give a staff member login access, click the "User Rights" section, click "Admin Console Rights" and select the page(s) to which the staff member should access. If the staff member does not have user rights, then they will not be able to log in. 

How staff members can update their password once logged in:

  1. Click "Hello (Name)," in the upper right-hand corner
  2. Click Profile
  3. Enter your new password. This password must include a special character
  4. Scroll down and click Update