Student Self Check In/Out

This article will outline the use of student PINs in regards to students checking themselves in/out for attendance

To enable the student self check in/out:

  1. Click the Attendance Tab
  2. Click the drop-down list for Settings
  3. Ensure that the toggle "Enable Self Check in/Out for all students" is ON


Each student's unique PIN is located under their Student Profile Tab:

NOTE: The PIN will only successfully check the student in/out if toggled ON

Student PINs are unique to each student and can't be changed

For students to Use Self Check In/Out:

  1. Ensure that student PIN is toggled "on"
    1. Click student name under Students tab to access student profile
    2. Click the student's profile tab
    3. Click the PIN toggle to "ON" 
  2. Launch the kiosk
    1. Click the Attendance tab 
    2. Click the "Launch Kiosk" button
    3. Click "Student Check In" located at the top of the kiosk
    4. Have the student enter their 4 digit PIN to check in

Here is a quick video showing how to toggle on a student PIN and launch the student check-in kiosk:

Within your attendance reports, the student's name will appear as the person who has checked this student in/out.

To generate a list of all Student PINs, use the Student PINs Simple Report:

  1. Click Simple Reports 
  2. Search for the report "Student PINs"
  3. Click the report name to generate 
    1. If report is already generated, you can click the eye icon to view last generated report

NOTE: Only students with their student PIN toggled "ON" will generate in this report