Time-Based Billing (*Premium feature)

The time-Based Billing feature will work in conjunction with the Digital Attendance Feature to automate drop-ins, early drop-offs, and late pickups based on the student's specified enrollment and penalty blocks, and real-time attendance data. 

To set a student's schedule:

  1. Click on "Students"
  2. Click on a student's name
  3. Click the "Enrollment" tab
  4. Drag and drop with your mouse on the calendar area to set a student's enrollment schedule. Students are not billed for their regularly scheduled enrollment blocks (indicated by a gray block).
  5. To create a time block for a time a student is not scheduled to attend ("penalty block"), click on an enrollment block and add a rate that the student is charged for attendance during this block (ex. drop-in care, early check-in, late pickup).
  6. Select a rate interval (per block, per hour, per 1/2 hour, per 1/4 hour, or per minute). 
  7. Click "Save"
  8. To delete a penalty block simply click on the block and click the "Delete Block" button

Note: Check-ins/check-outs are rounded up to the nearest rate interval (ex. If the rate is set for $5 every 1/4 hour from 3 pm to 4 pm, a student checked out at 3:05 will be charged $5 for the full 15-minute block between 3:00 and 3:15 pm).  



To view and manually generate invoices based on attendance:

  1. Click the "Attendance" page
  2. Select report type "Attendance"
  3. Select a date range
  4. Select students or classrooms
  5. Click "Generate Report"
  6. Click "Generate Invoices"
  7. Click "Save" or "Save and Send." Clicking "Save" will create "Saved Temporarily" invoices (you will need to manually send these invoices by going to the "Invoices" page, clicking edit on the invoice, then clicking "Save and Send"); clicking "Save and Send" will send the invoices to parents immediately. Once the invoices are generated, you will be able to view them in the "Invoices" page. 



To set up automatically recurring "Time Based Billing" invoices:

    1. Click the "Attendance" page

    2. Select report type "Attendance (v2 beta)"

    3. Locate the "Recurrent invoice generation" section

    4. Click "Setup"

    5. Select the desired choices in the generation box


    Just save: This will save invoices as "Saved Temporarily" and allow for further review/adjustments.

    Save and Send: This will save and send invoices as soon as they have been generated. 

start: Choose a desired start date

repeat: Select how often you would like invoices to automatically generate.

end: Select a desired end date

occurrences: Provides a preview of the dates invoices will be generated and sent. 

    6. Click Save

Note: This option will bill all students who have "billable hours" since the previous Time-Based Billing invoices were sent.



To add/create attendances:

  1. Click the "Attendance" page
  2. Go to the "Create/Update Attendance" section
  3. Select "Student" or "Staff" from the drop-down
  4. Search for or select from the drop-down the desired student or staff member
  5. Select the date and time for the updated check-in/check-out
  6. Click "Create Attendance"

To edit attendances:

  1. Click the "Attendance" page
  2. Select "Student" or "Staff" from the drop-down
  3. Select report type "Attendance" for students
  4. Select a date range
  5. Select students or classrooms
  6. Click "Generate Report"
  7. Click on a check-in or check-out time and use the drop-downs to set the new time
  8. Click on the check to confirm

To delete attendances:

  1. Click the "Attendance" page
  2. Select "Student" or "Staff" from the drop-down
  3. Select report type "Attendance"
  4. Select a date range
  5. Select students or classrooms
  6. Click "Generate Report"
  7. Click on the trash can icon in the "Delete" column to the far right