Types of Programs

Curacubby offers 3 types of payment programs for parents

Each customer will have programs or tuition schedules that best fit their facility's needs. 

Please see the program types below:


Monthly programs will get sent out based on the school's settings determined in the onboarding process.

Students can be enrolled in multiple monthly programs but, cannot be enrolled in both a monthly and custom program. 

Monthly Dynamic:

Monthly Dynamic programs will be calculated based on the total number of days selected and the price per day. 

For Example, Tuition costs $25 per day (only charged Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays). 

Curacubby will automatically calculate how many M/W/F there are in the month and charge based on that data. 

These invoices are charged daily but, the total is calculated monthly and sent in one invoice. 


Custom invoices are sent based on the days selected. 

For example, Tuition is sent weekly on Thursdays and the cost of each invoice is $200. 

We will create a program that will have the desired invoice dates with each invoice's associated cost.