Capturing Parent Information with Custom Fields in Your Signup 

This article will walk you through the different types of custom fields you can create for your sign ups and their best uses


A field is what you will create in order to capture information for your sign up.

Use this walkthrough to create a custom field:

There are a variety of custom field types that can help you capture the information you are needing from parents that are completing this sign up. 

(to create a custom field to capture information, press the “plus” sign to the right of the Field Group you are collecting this information for)

FST Field Types

Here you will find a brief walkthrough of each of the field types you will see when creating a custom field for your sign up:

text_field: this field is most commonly used for a short text-written answer.

checkbox: this field is most commonly used when parents have to check one or multiple options. You are able to associate a cost to this selection, or a program in which students will automatically be enrolled once the parent submits the sign up. With this field, you are also able to establish a capacity limit which will prevent parents from selecting this option if the capacity has been reached.

date_field: this field is most commonly used when parents need to indicate a date, such as when they would like their child to attend. The date field can also be used after a signature field in order to acknowledge when they had signed a form.

option: this field is most commonly used when parents would like to choose an option offered within a list. You are able to create a list in which parents are only allowed to make one selection from the option list by associating all of the groups with the same “Group” name under the field settings.

textarea:  this field is most commonly used when parents are needing to submit a lengthier written response, such as when asked “Is there any additional information you would like us to know about your child?”  
You are also able to use this field to provide a lengthier description, such as details of a program, to your parents by checking the "read only" box within this custom field.

select:  this field is most commonly used when you would like parents to select one option from a select drop-down list. With this field, you are able to associate costs associated for selecting each specific option, tags, start/end dates, programs, and capacity limits that prevent parents from signing up once the capacity is reached.

signature: this option is most commonly used when you are needing an acknowledgement from parents that require signature documentation, such as the agreement of school codes and policies. 

TIP: At any time, you are able to preview your sign up and the fields you have created  from a parent view by clicking the “Preview” button.