How do I add Discount Codes to my Signup?

This article will help inform you of when to use coupons, and how to create coupons for each signup

If you would like a family to submit a sign up, but would not like them to be charged for the application fee or to only pay a portion of the associated fees, you are able to provide parents with a coupon code to apply at the end of the signup.

Here is a brief walk through on adding a coupon code:

  1. Click Settings under the Signup Tool tab
  2. Select the Signup Flow you would like to add a coupon code to
  3. Locate the coupons section within your signup
  4. Click Add New Coupon
  5. Input all information for your coupon (name, code, discount type, value, expiration date)
  6. Click Save

Once clicking save, you are able to give families the coupon code in order for them to apply and receive a discount for their signup submission.


•The coupon code is what you will give to the parents who are receiving this coupon for them to apply upon completing the sign up.

•Each coupon has an expiration date. If parents are not able to apply the coupon code, check to ensure the coupon is still active.

TIP: You are able to edit coupons and their settings at any time by selecting the edit pencil and delete coupons using the trash can icon