How do I add a staff member and give them log in access?

This article will help you in adding a new staff member to your account.

How to add a staff member:

  1. Click School under Settings on the left sidebar 
  2. Click Staff
  3. Click the New Member button. 
  4. Enter the staff member's name and email (all other fields are optional, the phone number is required for digital attendance.)
  5. [Optional but required for staff to be able to log into their account] 
    To give the staff member access to login to Curacubby, click the user rights dropdown and sure that the Admin Console Rights toggle is ON.
    1. If you give the staff members login access, they will receive an email invitation to log into their Curacubby account when the account is created.
    2. The staff member will be able to view and edit all pages you select in the User has Admin Rights section.
      NOTE: If they do not need access to any pages, then do not select any checkboxes in the "User Rights" section. 
      Click here for more information about each staff permission.
  6.  Click Save

Here's an interactive tutorial