How Staff Can Check in Students Using the Touchless Attendance Kiosk

Here Now within the Kiosk makes checking in students easy for you and your staff members

For staff members to have access to checking students in/out, they need to have their staff admin permissions for the Kiosk Checked "on" 

Please refer to this article in regards to accessing your staff account admin permissions:

To check students in/out as a staff member:

  1. Launch the kiosk
    1. Click Attendance
    2. Click Launch Kiosk

2. Access Here Now Staff Window
          a.      From the kiosk, click the 3 ellipses in the top right-hand corner

          b.      Click Here Now

          c.      Enter your staff account credentials: last 4 digits of phone number & PIN
                   and click "sign in"

 3. Check in/out students using Here Now 

         a.     Select the drop-down for a specific classroom, or the drop-down for all students 

         b.      Click the student's name to check them in/out
                           •students will have a colored dot to indicate their status (listed below)


4.That's it! You're done.

TIP: To view which students are checked in or absent, select the Checked in or Absent tabs for a list of students in each status.