Locating a Student's Dismissal Method

Parents are able to indicate how their student will be getting home for each day of the week. This article will assist you in locating a student's inputted dismissal method

Would you like parents to input dismissal methods for their students? 
Forward this article to parents with step-by-step directions on how to add dismissal methods to their student: CLICK HERE


Once parents have inputted dismissal records for their student, you are able to view them within the Touchless Attendance Kiosk. 

To locate a student's dismissal method: 

  1. Launch the Attendance Kiosk
    1. Click the attendance tab
    2. Click "Launch Kiosk"
  2. Generate a Who's Here Now within the Kiosk
    1. Click the three ellipses in the top right-hand corner 
    2. Click "Here Now"
    3. Type in your Staff Account credentials: Last 4 digits of your phone number and PIN
    4. Locate Dismissal Method Underneath each student's name Access the Here Now Report

      Refer to this walkthrough for locating student's dismissal methods:


To input/edit a student's dismissal method from the administrative portal: 

  1. Click on the student you would like to add/modify the dismissal methods for from the Students page
  2. Click on the student's Enrollment tab
  3. Click  
  4. Select the dismissal method by clicking the box located "Dismissal Method" column for each
    day of the week and selecting the Dismissal Method
  5. Click Save when finished

Refer to this walkthrough when adding/editing a student's dismissal method: