Locating Invoices Within Each Deposit

Each deposit within a bank statement does not designate an individual invoice, it could be a group of invoices. This article will help you identify each invoice within each deposit.

When reviewing you bank statements, use Curacubby's Settlement Report to identify which invoices were included in each deposit to your bank. 

To Complete a Reconciliation:

  1. Click Accounting within the reports tab
  2. Under report type, select Settlement Report 2.5
  3. Indicate the date range for your report 
    1. To identify invoices within a specific deposit, ensure that the date range you have selected includes the date range you see on your bank statement

      (with approximately a 24 hour delay for payouts made on the cusp of each month's end)

 4.     Select Transfer as Input Date Type

 5.    Click Create Report

 6.    Locate the date of the deposit from your bank statement within the                           Settlement Report 2.5 to view the breakdown of invoices included in each payout

Refer to this Walkthrough for Reconciling your Bank Statements: