Student Discounts

It's easy to assign discounts to students by adding & enabling a discount % or $ amount directly on the student record

One way of adding discounts to a student is by creating a discount program for their recurring bills.  To see how that works, click HERE

A simpler way to do this is to define the discount on the student record itself which will automatically apply these discounts in different payment situations.  


  1. Click on "Settings" in the left menu on your account
  2. Open the "Financials" submenu
  3. Expand the "General" section of your Financial Settings
  4. Toggle on the types of discounts you want automatically enabled

School Discount Settings-1


  1. Click on "Students" in the left hand menu on your account
  2. Choose the student you want to work with
  3. Click on the student's "Profile" tab
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the student record until you get to the "Discounts" section at the bottom
  5. Click "+ discount" to add a discount to the student record
  6. Check the box to "Enable" the discount and select the discount Type
    2 - Discount Type
  7. Choose whether the amount is a Fixed $ or a Percentage % and enter the amount
    3- $ or %
  8. Select the Account Category to use for discount recording and click the to save the discount

NOTE: You can enable different amounts for the different types of charges a family may incur.  Types:

  • Signups: This will apply to fees assessed through the FST/Sign up workflows
  • Tuition: This will apply to recurring invoices billed through your programs
  • Auxiliary: This will apply to any fees assessed through the time based billing blocks


  1. Make sure you unenroll students from discount programs to prevent duplicate discounts
  2. If you use coupons for discounts on signups and you are enabling sign up discounts, make sure to disable those coupons to prevent duplicate discounts being used on a sign up form
  3. Discounts will only be applied to new invoices created after enabled on a student account.  If you have any queued or unpaid invoices, you should make sure you manually apply those discounts to existing invoices.