How do I reconcile with QuickBooks or my accounting software?

You can use our QuickBooks Reconciler Report to transfer information into QuickBooks or your accounting software.

Since Curacubby holds all the financial details (individual customers, invoices, etc), you only need to transfer each month’s summary in QuickBooks.

Please Follow These Simple Steps to Reconcile with your Accounting Software:

  1. Create “Curacubby” as the customer in QuickBooks.
  2. Generate the  QuickBooks Reconciler Report for the month you want to reconcile.
  3. Use the “Create invoice” section of the report to create the invoice in QuickBooks (you can copy and paste the data).
  4. Then record the payments using the “Create this payment received” section of the report and apply the payments to the invoice. 

Understanding your QuickBooks Reconciler Report:

When looking at the QB Reconciler, you see three Sections -

  • Billed (top section)
    This is what you have billed for the month. Ideally, what you are supposed to receive.
  • Paid (middle section)
    This is what you actually got paid for the month.
  • Debits (if any, located in the bottom section)
    This will show any refunds, returns, or credit card disputes.

Why do my Billed and Paid sections do not match?

Billed and Paid do not need to match, because that match is dependent on all families paying for the month's invoices within the same month. 


Is There a Way to See More Specifically Which Invoices are Included in the Total Paid or Debit Amounts?

Use the Settlement Report to view all paid and debited invoices within the month you have generated your Quick Books Reconciler Report for.

The Settlement Report will include all paid and debited invoices that are included in the total paid and debited amounts within your report, excluding cash and check.

Click here for an additional support article on generating the Settlement Report 2.5.


•Be sure to generate your Settlement Report using the exact date range of the QuickBooks Reconciler Report you generate.

•Indicate the Input Date Type as Transferred to show only payments that successfully deposited.