How do I reconcile with QuickBooks or my accounting software?

You can use our QuickBooks Reconciler Report to transfer information into QuickBooks or your accounting software.

Since Curacubby holds all the financial details (individual customers, invoices, etc), you only need to transfer each month’s summary in QuickBooks.

Please follow these simple steps to generate the QuickBooks Reconciler Report:

  1. First, create “Curacubby” as the customer in QuickBooks.
  2. Then generate the QuickBooks Reconciler (found in “Accounting” under “Reports” on the left sidebar) for the month you want to reconcile.
  3. Use the “Create invoice” section of the report to create the invoice in QuickBooks (you can copy and paste the data).
  4. Then record the payments using the “Create this payment received” section of the report and apply the payments to the invoice. 

Please click the links below to follow along step-by-step: