Recording an Attendance or Absence Record for Students or Staff

Staff and school admin can check students and staff in and out, as well as record absences within the attendance page in Curacubby

To record a check in, check out, or absence:

  1. Select the Attendance tab
  2. Locate the tab "Record Attendances, Absences, or Attendance"
    1. Indicate whether this attendance record is for Students or Staff

  3. Recording Attendance (Check in or Check Out)
    1. Select the student(s) you would like to record 
    2. If creating an Attendance record, indicate the attendance record you would like to record
      1. To check in the student, ensure that the check in toggle is "yes"
      2. To check out a student, ensure the the check out toggle is "yes"
      3. To record an all day attendance, turn the All Day toggle "yes"
    3. Indicate the date and time for this attendance by selecting the date and time boxes and modifying to reflect correct dates/times.
    4. Enter any notes (if applicable)
    5. Click "Create Attendance"
  4. Recording an Absense
    1. Select the absence tab
    2. Select "Excused" or "Unexcused" 
      1. If Excused, indicate reason of absence
      2. Indicate the date and time for this absence by selecting the date and time boxes  and modifying to reflect correct dates/times
      3. Enter any notes (if applicable) 
      4. Click "Create Excused/Unexcused Absence"

Can I edit attendance records?

Refer to this article to edit attendance records:

For staff members to be able to create attendance records for students, they will need to have the admin permission for attendance checked on within their staff account. 
To locate the staff permissions, reference this article: STAFF PERMISSIONS