Sign Up Tool Guide

Building Your Own Sign Up: Understanding What Each Part of the Sign Up Means and What it is Used For


To create a new Signup, you will need to click the “Settings” tab underneath the Signup Tool section of your menu bar.

Once you have clicked on this tab, you will see every sign up, or “flow” that has been created for your school.

To create a new sign up, you will need to select the tab that is labeled “New Flow” 

Note: Sign Ups are also called “Flows.”


Components of the Sign Up Tool:
Listed below are all of the components within each sign up you create.
Click on each part to learn more about its use.

  1. Naming your Sign Up
  2. URL Slug - Editing the link you can give to families to access signup
  3. Published and Hidden Boxes - Visibility of your sign up to parents
  4. Update, Duplicate, and Copy Link Buttons for you Sign Up
  5. Field Groups - Headers for the questions you would like to ask your families
  6. Custom Fields - Creating questions you would like to ask your families
  7. Parent and Child Information 
  8. Fees/Miscellaneous - This is where you will add application fees, etc.
  9. Coupons - Offer percentages or dollar amounts off of associated fees
  10. Capacity Limits- Setting a limit on how many students can select specific options/classes

What happens when I select “Archive this Flow"?

Selecting the button “Archive this Flow” will remove the sign up from your sign up list.


Be sure that you will not need to access this sign up in the future for any reason, as once archived, the flows will not be able to be accessed or recovered.